Optimize your energy.

We believe that optimized energy usage is best for every party. Energy is cheap when there's a huge supply of it, i.e. when sustainable energy sources are producing at a high level. If they're not, we need to produce more energy with e.g. fossil fuels, which is expensive.

So optimizing your energy usage to cheap hours is great for your wallet, great for the energy grid, and great for the planet!

Our mission is to provide you with the products and tools to increase your comfort, control, and energy-efficiency.


Evesta is our premium brand for energy-efficient, smart homes.
Evesta wifi cloud connected smart thermostat for optimizing spot energy heating

Cloud-connected thermostats

Optimize your energy usage with Evesta. Connect your thermostat to the cloud, decide how many hours a day your thermostat is allowed to alter the heating and how many degrees it either raises or lowers the temperature, and enjoy your new energy-efficient life!

Learn more at evesta-home.com

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Mobile App for complete control

The Evesta mobile app lets you completely control your thermostat, and more. Additionally, the app will serve as your smart home's hub when we release more products, which can optimize your energy!

iphone with Evesta app thermostat control